Episode 20

019 iPhreaks Show – Auto Layout with Cesare Rocchi


September 5th, 2013

54 mins 35 secs

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Cesare Rocchi (twitter Studio Magnolia)
Pete Hodgson (twitter github blog)
Ben Scheirman (twitter github blog NSSreencast)
Andrew Madsen (twitter github blog)
Jaim Zuber (twitter Sharp Five Software)
Rod Schmidt (twitter github infiniteNIL)
Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Ramp Up)

01:31 - Cesare Rocchi Introduction

CocoaConf Boston
iCloud for Developers: Automatically Sync Your iOS Data, Everywhere, All the Time by Cesare Rocchi

03:53 - Auto Layout

Cocoa Auto Layout Guide

04:45 - Resolutions

Spring and Struts
Right-Left Languages

09:15 - Using vs Not Using Auto Layout

Using Interface Builder

22:40 - Auto Layout & Animation

Esoteric Animations

26:53 - ASCII Art
29:46 - Intrinsic Size
33:07 - Apple saying you should have used Auto Layout last year
36:22 - Open Source Tools that give Auto Layout-type Capabilities



Online 3D Model Converter (Ben)
Saint Arnold Icon Gold (Bière De Saison) - Saint Arnold Brewing Company (Ben)
NoFlo (Rod)
Cocoa Slopes (Rod)
Dev Juice: Using your tech support incidents (Andrew)
objc.io (Andrew)
The Choosatron (Jaim)
The Replacements (Jaim)
Reveal (Pete)
Bitter American (Pete)
Teensy 3.0 (Pete)
The Best Map Ever Made of America’s Racial Segregation (Chuck)
Kindle (Chuck)
Kindle for Mac (Chuck)
Clean Office (Chuck)
FrameAccessor (Cesare)
App.net (Cesare)
Appsterdam (Cesare)
Wasatch Brewery: Polygamy Porter (Rod)

Next Week
iOS Development with Vim with Jason Felice
CESARE: By the way, I have a whole set of pictures of Starbucks bartenders trying to spell correctly my name and write it on the cup.


CHUCK: Hey everybody and welcome to Episode 19 of The iPhreaks Show! This week on our panel, we have Pete Hodgson.

PETE: Insert amusing British culture reference here!

CHUCK: Ben Scheirman.

BEN: Hello from H-Town!

CHUCK: Andrew Madsen.

ANDREW: Hi from Salt Lake City.

CHUCK: Jaim Zuber.

JAIM: Hello from Houston! I’m not actually in Houston, but it feels like I’m in Houston.


JAIM: It’s like 95 degrees out here in Minnesota. I could like call a van that’s full of ice cream or something, I don’t know.

CHUCK: [Laughs]

BEN: Yeah! It’s only 87 right now, so you’re actually hotter than us.

JAIM: I think we switched.

CHUCK: And humid?

JAIM: Humid? Not super humid, but yeah, pretty bad.

CHUCK: We also have Rod Schmidt.

ROD: Hello from Salt Lake City!

CHUCK: I’m Charles Max Wood from DevChat.tv. We have a special guest this way, and that’s Cesare Rocchi or Rocci.

CESARE: Rocci. Rocci. Right.

CHUCK: Rocci. Yeah, I knew that!

PETE: You almost did it!

CHUCK: I almost did it, yeah. I’m famous I guess for botching people’s last names, but I speak Italian and I read Italian, and Italian’s read like it’s written. Anyway, Cesare, since you’re new to the show, do you want to introduce yourself really quickly?

CESARE: Yes! I’m Cesare. Hello from my office, which is in Italy on East Coast in Rimini, to be exact. I’m a iOS developer, I got started in 2007, and yes, that’s before the SDK, the official SDK was released. I did a bunch of client work. Now, I’m focusing on my applications. I speak at conferences; I’ll be at CocoaConf in Boston at the end of October. I write books; my latest book is “iCloud for Developers” published by The PragProg. That’s all. There’s more, but that’s all at the moment.

CHUCK: [Laughs]

BEN: Is your book like a coping mechanism for iCloud?


CESARE: Yeah, kind of. And yes, there is a chapter about Core Data and iCloud. And it’s not anti-pages.

CHUCK: [Laughs]

BEN: It’s not like, this page intentionally left link?


BEN: [Laughs]

CESARE: Though I thought of that [laughs].

CHUCK: It looks and feels like a big band aid for your pain that you have.