Episode 22

021 iPhreaks Show – Scalable Cloud Applications with Aaron Douglas


September 19th, 2013

51 mins 23 secs

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Aaron Douglas (twitter blog)
Ben Scheirman (twitter github blog NSSreencast)
Andrew Madsen (twitter github blog)
Rod Schmidt (twitter github infiniteNIL)
Jaim Zuber (twitter Sharp Five Software)
Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Ramp Up)

01:11 - Scalable Cloud Apps and iOS Programming
02:51 - iCloud Core Data
04:44 - Scalable Cloud Services

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2

09:31 - Use Cases

Migraine Diary

12:00 - SDK and Basic Operations


18:11 - Platforms Supported by Parse

Windows Phone
Unity UI

18:41 - Pros and Cons
25:59 - “Selling” Parse Use to Companies
27:20 - Choosing Parse

Windows Azure

32:03 - Realtime Interaction


34:17 - Other Services


38:32 - Advice for Others

Understand Scaling

41:41 - Rolling your own vs using Parse

Data Privacy


Mac Dev Weekly (Andrew)
Gwynne Raskind: Friday Q&A 2012-03-02: Key-Value Observing Done Right: Take 2 (Andrew)
11 Untranslatable Words From Other Cultures (Andrew)
Linode (Ben)
Digital Ocean (Ben)
Big Nerd Ranch talk on API design (Ben)
FlatUIKit (Rod)
iOS7Colors (Rod)
Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch (Rod)
Bloons Tower Defense (Chuck)
Fieldrunners 2 (Chuck)
Base 2 (Aaron)
Spark Inspector (Aaron)
Simplenote (Aaron)
TICoreDataSync (Aaron)

Next Week
Networking with Cocoa with Steve Madsen
CHUCK: So if I call you Andrew, or if I call Andrew, Aaron, sorry guys…

AARON: [Laughs]

BEN: Just run with it.

CHUCK: Hey everybody and welcome to Episode 21 of The iPhreaks Show! This week on our panel, we have Ben Scheirman.

BEN: Happy Apple Christmas Day! And hello!

CHUCK: Apple Christmas Day…

BEN: Yeah! Today is the launch date. We’re going to find out all about in like an hour.

CHUCK: Oh, that’s right!

BEN: This would be all over the news by the time this sure comes out…

ANDREW: It’s the only thing all of us were thinking about.

BEN: [Inaudible]

CHUCK: [Laughs]

ANDREW: I can’t breathe.

BEN: That’s right. We’re already on the clock, Chuck.

CHUCK: Okay.

BEN: [Laughs]

CHUCK: We also have Andrew Madsen.

ANDREW: Hi from Salt Lake City!

CHUCK: Rod Schmidt.

ROD: Hello from Salt Lake City as well!

CHUCK: Jaim Zuber.

JAIM: Hello! I just returned from the north shore of Lake Superior, where I was teaching berries to code iOS.

CHUCK: I’m Charles Max Wood from DevChat.tv. We have a special guest, and that’s Aaron Douglas.

AARON: Hey! How’s it going? I’m saying hi from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

CHUCK: Pete would be so proud of me, I didn’t butch your name.

AARON: [Laughs]

CHUCK: We have you on this week to talk about “Scalable Cloud Apps”.

AARON: Yeah, definitely.

CHUCK: I asked you before the show, I’m going to ask you again, how does that relate to iOS programming?

AARON: I’ve noticed that a lot of us iOS devs come from more of the finite programming that we know – JavaScript and CSS – it’s just this kind of a logical step into iOS app development. I came from a Java enterprise background so I’m very familiar with writing apps that are behind other apps. I noticed that a lot of iOS developers are afraid of integrating their app with a server, and that there’s a lot of apps that have to talk to other users or there’s central data. So I think it’s a really important topic just because apps can be so much more powerful if they are connected with other people.

CHUCK: Absolutely. Are you talking about API services like Facebook or Twitter? Or, are you talking about more of the backend systems like Parse?

AARON: Yeah, it’s more of the backend systems like Parse.