Episode 262

iPS 261: I Failed 39 Interviews with Hassan El Desouky


June 4th, 2019

32 mins 47 secs

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  • Jaim Zuber

Joined by Special Guest: Hassan El Desouky

Episode Summary

Hassan el Desouky is a computer science student from Egypt, his dream is to join a big company like Google, Apple, or Facebook. He talks about his experience applying for the big tech companies in his article How I Failed 39 Interviews and What I’ve Learned. Hassan talks about some of the difficulties faced by people from overseas applying for the big American tech companies. He shares some advice for applying and interviewing for big companies that he received from a friend that works at Google. Hassan notes that the interview process in Egypt is different for the process in America. In America, companies favor snapshot interviews, and Hassan shares some of the problems with that method and how the process differs in Egypt. Hassan has found that one thing that helps with getting an interview is having an online presence. He shares advice for people who want to build their online presence as well as some writing tips. Hassan and Jaim finish by discuss the developer community in Egypt and how attending meetups helps college students.


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Hassan El Desouky:

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