Episode 7

006 iPhreaks Show – Core Data with Saul Mora


May 16th, 2013

54 mins 45 secs

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Saul Mora (twitter github NSBrief)
Rod Schmidt (twitter github infiniteNIL)
Pete Hodgson (twitter github blog)
Ben Scheirman (twitter github blog NSSreencast)
Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Ramp Up)

01:22 - Cora Data

Core Data Programming Guide
Transient Entities and Core Data | Cocoa Is My Girlfriend

07:50 - Stores and Contexts

Persistent Store Coordinator
Core Data Editor
Creating a CoreData Model in Code | Cocoanetics

21:17 - Faulting and Fetching

The Law of Leaky Abstractions
-com.apple.CoreData.SQLDebug 1
Base 2

27:48 - Is Core Data the right tool for the job?

Brent Simmons: On switching away from Core Data

29:46 - Managed Object Context

Core Data and Threads, Without the Headache | Cocoa Is My Girlfriend
Core Data: Data Storage and Management for iOS, OS X, and iCloud by Marcus S. Zarra

38:22 - Importing Data
40:08 - Predicates

Predicate Programming Guide


mogenerator (Ben)
PonyDebugger (Ben)
xctool (Pete)
Neo4j (Pete)
AeroPress (Pete)
TICoreDataSync (Rod)
Countly (Rod)
Heil PR-40 Dynamic Studio Recording Microphone (Chuck)
Roland R-05 Studio WAVE/MP3 Recorder (Chuck)
iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide by Aaron Hillegass (Chuck)
NSBrief (Saul)
Wasabi Sync (Saul)
Sip (Saul)
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Saul)

Next Week
SAUL: I like your style.

CHUCK: Hey everybody and welcome to Episode 6 of iPhreaks! This week on our panel we have, Rod Schmidt

ROD: Hello from Salt Lake City!

CHUCK: We also have Pete Hodgson.

PETE: Good morning from San Francisco!

CHUCK: We also have Ben Scheirman.

BEN: Hello from Houston, Texas!

CHUCK: I'm Charles Max Wood from DevChat.tv. And we have a special guest this week, that is Saul Mora!

SAUL: Hello from Denver!

CHUCK: Denver? I thought you said Fort Collins? Is that not the same thing?

SAUL: [laughs] No, that's where the beer is. Okay [laughs]

CHUCK: Oh, I see.

SAUL: Right. But yeah, that wouldn't be so bad to go and get some beer now.

CHUCK: If you go and get too much beer, is it a one-way trip [inaudible]?

SAUL: [chuckles] Yeah, well, I have to take some guest with me.

CHUCK: Oh, here you go.

SAUL: But no...yeah, that's where the New Belgium Brewery is, so I take guests over there quite often. So for anybody comes and visit me in Denver, definitely head on up there.

CHUCK: Well I don't drink alcohol, but I'm going to be in Denver this weekend.

SAUL: Cool!

CHUCK: Maybe I'll come and shake your hand, buy you lunch, or something.

SAUL: Yeah! Just let me know!

CHUCK: Awesome!

ROD: You get to be the driver.


SAUL: There you go!

CHUCK: I don't know what my wife would say about that.


SAUL: Oh, there are plenty of breweries out here to visit. So, we can visit them anywhere.

CHUCK: Awesome! Well this week, we're going to be talking about CoreData. Or, do you call it Core Data?

SAUL: [laughs] I thought that was an English thing; Pete might know.

PETE: I'll refer to it as Core Data!


PETE: It's the French pronunciation. I still say Data; it's one of the few English things that I still say in the English way [inaudible].

SAUL: So do you say Beta or Beta?

PETE: Oh, that's a good (question). I think I say Beta now just because it's like a -- I was going to say just because it's a software thing, but Beta was a software thing. So, I don't know.

SAUL: We have gotten to him! Great!

[Chuck laughs]

PETE: Yeah. My covers are blown.


PETE: Actually, I'm native Texan.

CHUCK: Yeah, you've seen that? Now you only sound cool when you're talking about things other than computers.

PETE: Yup.

CHUCK: Alright. So CoreData,